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If you're looking to delight your senses … Aurus is the place to be! Surrender to the sheer opulence of the decor, the sensual lighting, the sea breeze... allow yourself to be transported to a time when fine dining was an extravaganza, an experience so much more than just the food you eat.

And the food… well, that's an affair in itself. Begin with appetizers designed specially for you by master chef Vikas Seth and allow him to take you on a culinary journey across Europe. Sink your teeth into the delectable 'New World' cuisine comprising of surprising 'inventions' like King Prawns with Wasabi Foam or Oven Roasted Baby Lobster with Red Pepper Jelly. Choose from our extensive wine list to take this experience to yet another level. Or take your pick from a surprising array of cocktails and mocktails like our Tangerine Capiroshka .

Come, indulge like never before with Aurus, home by the sea.

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