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How do we define a good South East Asian restaurant?

Close your eyes and take a walk through the busy streets of Hong Kong, Bangkok or Shanghai – breathe in the aromas of tofu, linger at the racks of roast meat, walk past the freshly made dim sum, take in the crowds & the chatter. Makes you want to grab your passport? Well, you don't need to!

Jumeirah group's Noodle House chain of restaurants is here in India as the Tasty Tangles! Feel at ease in the cheery, communal, atmospheric buzz that is typical of a popular street stall. And in keeping with the unpretentious, streetwise ambience, diners simply tick their choices on an order pad and hand it to their server.

But while food is served quickly – it is also light years away from the standard concept of 'fast food'. The surroundings are informal yet extremely stylish. The servers, dressed with understated chic, are remarkably friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the menu. The venue offers a smiling welcome to one and all, from fashion-conscious singles on a night out to large groups of friends and families enjoying a leisurely get-together.

By weaving together all these elements, The Tasty Tangles has neatly – perhaps uniquely – bridged the gap between fine dining and affordable fast food.

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